Improving the Federal Government’s Technology

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The government relies on technology in some way in virtually every process or interaction. GSA has always been a government leader in helping agencies use technology, from piloting new technologies internally to helping agencies procure IT to building government-wide platforms. GSA’s role is becoming increasingly important as agencies look to technology to improve service, save money, and implement the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), a recent law that consolidates oversight of IT investments within agencies.


  • GSA is as widely associated with technology as it is with acquisitions and property.
  • GSA is the most educated buyer and builder of tech products and services in the government.
  • Agencies find the right technology solution at GSA no matter what part of the organization they first contact.
  • GSA helps ensure that the government can access the most innovative technology companies and the newest technologies.

Progress to Date

GSA has recently made huge strides, creating 18F, which includes over 150 developers, designers, UX experts, product managers, and other innovation specialists. In the past year and a half, the team has delivered more than 20 new products for sister agencies, with consistent positive results. In the past nine months, the team has also engaged in over 30 advisory engagements, saving agencies hundreds of millions of dollars in technical procurements. On other fronts, FAS and OCSIT teamed up to offer, a third-party sign-in partner providing a secure, privacy-enhancing service that conveniently connects people to government services and applications online, as a first step to providing government with the digital building blocks it needs to scale securely. Further, FAS, OGP, and GSA IT have partnered to improve cyber policies in government, provide access to necessary tools and procurements, and serve as thought leaders.

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