Ensuring a Strong, Diverse and Optimized Workforce

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GSA knows that its most important asset is its people. An optimized workforce is one that is engaged, high­performing, diverse, and right­sized for the needs of the organization. GSA can best achieve its mission with an optimized workforce that feels connected to the mission, knows its talents are being utilized, and performs under an environment of high morale and satisfaction.


  • An organization that hires the best people, faster.
  • Better talent development that assures GSA has energized people with the right skills.
  • A ready workforce that reflects the people it serves.
  • A highly engaged and empowered workforce that is excited to come to work.

Progress to Date

OHRM took many steps in FY15 to support GSA in meeting its human capital needs. Workforce plans were established to ensure GSA has the right people, with the right skills, in the right positions to help GSA meet its mission. The GSA Entry­Level Program (ELP) was put into effect to create a consistent recruitment and training experience and to fuel the pipeline for GSA’s future succession planning needs. OHRM implemented a Competitive Development Program (CDP) to provide future and current leaders the skills and development opportunities they require to meet GSA’s evolving needs; and to track the speed, quality, and delivery of its service offerings, OHRM established data­driven Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure accountability and transparency. These initiatives reinforce the collaborative, data­driven culture of GSA and lay the foundation for success in FY16.

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