UNICOR Dorm and Quarters Furniture

The Policy for purchasing from UNICOR can be found at FAR 8.602.

UNICOR is a critical component of the Bureau of Prisons’ comprehensive efforts to improve offender reentry. By providing inmates the skills needed to join the workforce upon release, UNICOR reduces recidivism and helps curb the rising costs of corrections.

UNICOR (Federal Prison Industries) is a mandatory source of supply for certain items similar to those on GSA Schedules. Ordering activities are encouraged to purchase UNICOR supplies and services to the maximum extent practicable.

Federal Prison Industries, Inc. (FPI), and the Quarters Furniture Manufacturers Association (QFMA) issued a memorandum to inform dormitory and quarters furniture buyers about the expiration of a 1999 pilot program under which Federal Prison Industries waived their mandatory source for dorm and quarters furniture.

The FPI QFMA Joint Announcement [PDF - 64 KB] explains that changes in the law made the program moot and the pilot program was allowed to expire on September 20, 2005. FPI continues the waiver of mandatory source in the case of dorm and quarters products and refers buyers to FAR 8.6.

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