Reducing and Modernizing the Government’s Real Estate Footprint

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As the manager of 370 million square feet of Federal government office space, GSA can have a significant impact on workplace quality for over one million Federal employees. This is a critical factor in achieving high employee engagement and performance. By reducing and modernizing the Federal Government real estate footprint, we will produce workplaces that allow agencies to better collaborate and recruit top talent. This will allow agencies to increase performance and better achieve their missions at lower cost. The cost savings achieved by reducing square footage can be invested into agencies’ missions.


  • Agencies have modern work space that meets their missions and workforce needs.
  • Agencies efficiently use their spaces, allowing them to maximize funds for their missions.
  • Agencies have the data to identify potential opportunities for reducing space.
  • GSA-occupied space is the role model for successful implementation of modern work space.

Progress to Date

Several efforts have already begun to position GSA to implement this initiative in 2016 and beyond. PBS, OGP and OMB are working with agencies to develop real property efficiency plans to reduce their footprints over the next five years. PBS met their target last year of 80% of new space actions having a utilization rate of less than 150 sf/person. Within the Total Workplace initiative, GSA created a new way to reduce the upfront burden on agencies of consolidating space by allowing agencies to pay the cost of furniture and IT purchases over several years.

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