Making it Easier for Suppliers to Work With the Government

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Each year, tens of billions of dollars go through GSA contracts, including more than$30 billion in FY14 on the Multiple Award Schedules program. With this significant volume of sales, we must ensure that our agency is providing opportunities for suppliers across the board, including small businesses, young businesses, and businesses not familiar with working with the government. This will provide access to the best goods and services for agencies and will allow businesses to benefit from working with the government.


  • Companies can do business with the government with as little burden and delay as possible.
  • Well designed tech interfaces allow vendors to register, update information, and interact with the government easily.
  • Small businesses have the tools and support that they need to be successful when working with the government.
  • Vendors understand the procurement process and know how to seek business.

Progress to Date

GSA’s Making it Easier to do Business with the Government Report - October 2016 [PDF - 1 MB]

We have begun soliciting ideas from industry, agency customers, internal subject matter experts, and contracting professionals. We released a Request for Information (RFI) for Schedule 70 -- the Schedule for IT goods and services -- exploring how we can adjust some of the entry requirements, among other potential burdens, for this Schedule. We piloted the Schedule 70 FAST lane program for expedited proposal review and now automatically accept schedule price reductions from vendors. We have consolidated all of our different professional services schedules into one, reducing administrative and management burden for industry. We are also taking other steps, including issuing a deviation for end user license agreements and evaluating the potential Transactional Data Reporting rule and related Price Reductions Clause.

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