Streamlining Internal Operations

In April of 2012, GSA began a comprehensive Top to Bottom Review of the entire agency to better understand what GSA does and find out exactly where improvements could be implemented.

This review showed us that broad duplication of services had complicated our work, adding costs and impairing outcomes. It became clear that the best way to build a stronger GSA would be to streamline and consolidate the IT, HR, Administrative, and Financial functions of this agency. This would integrate each administrative function into a single team: one that not only works together smoothly and efficiently, but also with clear responsibility and accountability.

The consolidation of these functions will save GSA over $130 million in FY 2016 compared to FY 2013, and we are continuing to find even greater savings every year.

By building a more streamlined and effective organization, GSA is taking a significant step forward in making itself a model of how to provide the kind of efficient, effective, and transparent service that this country expects from their government.

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