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George Washington High School to Receive Over 100 Computers and Printers From

[students working on laptops]

GSA recently donated 96 gently used laptop computers and 38 workstations with monitors and keyboards to George Washington High School in Denver, CO. The original procurement value of this donation is approximately $144,000. Combined, federal agencies in the Rocky Mountain Region have donated computers valued at more than $2.6 million dollars in fiscal year 2012.

GSA’s Rocky Mountain Regional Administrator Sue Damour met with Michael Johnson, Principal at George Washington High School, today to encourage Colorado schools and nonprofits with an educational component to participate in GSA’s Computers for Learning Program

“The Computers for Learning Program is a win for everyone. The donation will help support George Washington High School’s leading-edge computer and technology training courses. Students will also be better able to compete for the jobs of the future, while providing an environmentally responsible way for federal agencies to give new life to gently used computers and IT equipment,” said Sue Damour, GSA’s Regional Administrator.

Today’s event is part of a broader GSA initiative to inform schools in Colorado about the Computers for Learning program. Schools participating in the program can browse the available equipment by visiting the Computers for Learning website, select what they need, and choose selected items. Area schools will then be able to integrate technology into the classroom and ensure that more children learn the skills that they will need to compete in the 21st century," said Michael Johnson, Principal.

“Although students today are technology natives, it’s important to increase students’ skills by finding opportunities to infuse technology into everyday learning. With this donation we can reach that goal by creating new computer labs for students’ everyday use. The support of the GSA will better position us to meet our students’ needs in a technologically advanced world. The students are eager to start working with the computers as soon as possible and everyone at GWHS truly appreciates the support of the GSA.”

The program helps GSA promote sustainability by reducing landfill disposal of electronic waste. By some estimates, re-using just one computer prevents 30 pounds of hazardous waste and 77 pounds of solid waste from entering landfills, and prevents over 17 gallons of water and 32 tons of air from being polluted.

The U.S. General Services Administration is proud to sponsor the CFL program and interested schools and educational non-profits organizations are encouraged to find more information on the CFL program.

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