Office of Travel, Motor Vehicles, and Card Services

The Travel, Motor Vehicles and Card Services (TMVCS) portfolio is responsible for establishing, managing, and delivering efficient and customer-centric travel, transportation, charge card, and motor vehicle products and services to the federal government. The following program offices allow TMVCS to accomplish this:

Office of Acquisition Operations

This office supports all areas of TMVCS, developing and executing their acquisitions as well as supporting the TMVCS program management offices, industry partners, and government customers both internal and external.

Office of Fleet Management

The Office of Fleet Management is comprised of vehicle leasing and vehicle purchasing. GSA Fleet provides federal customers end-to-end fleet management services including vehicle acquisition and disposal, maintenance control and accident management, fuel and loss prevention services, and a robust fleet management system that provides detailed and accurate data – offered in an all-inclusive rate.On the purchasing side, GSA specializes in the acquisition of vehicles, and is designated as a mandatory source for vehicle purchases made by all federal government agencies under FPMR 101-26.501.

Office of Travel and Transportation

The Center for Travel Management aligns GSA travel program provides a shared, governmentwide, operational solution that enables customers to manage their travel efficiently. The Center for Transportation Management provides customers with competitive rates, industry expertise, and proper management and control of transportation services of approximately $690 Million in governmentwide spending.

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