Debriefings Deconstructed

Debriefings provide many benefits to contractors who compete for a Government contract. Debriefings give unsuccessful offerors insight into the contracting officer’s decision making and evaluation process, and help contractors better compete in future solicitations. Additionally, a properly conducted debriefing can clear up an offeror's misunderstandings and greatly minimize the risk of protests being filed.

There are two types of debriefings, preaward and postaward, governed by Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 15.505 and 15.506, respectively.

A contractor can request a preaward debriefing if the contracting officer excluded the contractor before awarding the contract to any other offeror. Click here for information on how to conduct a preaward debriefing.

A contractor may request a postaward debriefing when the contracting officer decides to which offeror to award the contract. Click here for information on how to conduct a postaward debriefing.

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