GSAM Staff by Assignment

The General Services Acquisition Policy Division writes and revises the General Services Administration Acquisition Manual (GSAM), GSA's internal rules on how to acquire goods and services. The Division establishes and implements acquisition policies for the agency to fulfill immediate and long term acquisition goals and priorities.

The GSAM incorporates the General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation (GSAR) as well as internal agency acquisition policy. GSAR material is shaded. The shading helps users to distinguish and identify those parts that are regulatory from those that apply internally to GSA.

Christina Mullins (Director)
Dana Bowman
Kevin Funk
Tony Hubbard
Johnnie McDowell
Thomas O'Linn

501 General Services Administration Acquisition Regulations System O'Linn Bowman
502 Definitions of Words and Terms See Part See Part
503 Improper Business Practices and Personal Conflicts of Interest Mullins Funk
504 Administrative Matters O'Linn Calik
505 Publicizing Contract Actions Mullins McDowell
506 Competition Requirements O'Linn Hubbard
507 Acquisition Planning O'Linn Bowman
508 Required Sources of Supplies And Services O'Linn Bowman
509 Contractor Qualifications Bowman Funk
510 (Reserved) -- --
511 Describing Agency Needs Funk Mullins
512 Acquisition of Commercial Items Funk McDowell
513 Simplified Acquisition Procedures Bowman O'Linn
514 Sealed Bidding Hubbard O'Linn
515 Contracting by Negotiation McDowell Hubbard
516 Types of Contracts O'Linn Bowman
517 Special Contracting Methods Hubbard O'Linn
518 (Reserved) -- --
519 Small Business Programs Bowman O'Linn
520 (Reserved) -- --
521 (Reserved) -- --
522 Application of Labor Laws to Government Acquisitions Mullins Hubbard
523 Environment, Conservation, Occupational Safety and Drug-Free Workplace McDowell Funk
524 Protection of Privacy and Freedom of Information Funk McDowell
525 Foreign Acquisition McDowell Funk
526 (Reserved) -- --
527 Patents, Data, and Copyrights Funk McDowell
528 Bonds and Insurance Hubbard Mullins
529 Taxes Bowman Funk
530 Cost Accounting Standards Administration McDowell Hubbard
531 Contract Cost Principles and Procedures McDowell Hubbard
532 Contract Financing McDowell Hubbard
533 Protests, Disputes, and Appeals McDowell Funk
534 Major System Acquisition O'Linn Funk
535 (Reserved) -- --
536 Construction and Architect-Engineer Contracts Hubbard Mullins
537 Service Contracting Mullins Hubbard
538 Federal Supply Schedule Contracting Bowman O'Linn
539 Acquisition of Information Technology Funk McDowell
540 (Reserved) -- --
541 Acquisition of Utility Services Funk Mullins
542 Contract Administration and Audit Services Mullins Bowman
543 Contract Modifications Mullins Bowman
544 (Reserved) -- --
545 (Reserved) -- --
546 Quality Assurance Mullins McDowell
547 (Reserved) -- --
548 Value Engineering Hubbard Mullins
549 Termination of Contracts Bowman O'Linn
550 Extraordinary Contractual Actions Bowman O'Linn
551 (Reserved) -- --
552 Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses See Part See Part
553 Forms See Part See Part
570 Acquiring Leasehold Interests in Real Property Hubbard Mullins

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