Center for Acquisition Professional Excellence (CAPE)

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The Center for Acquisition Professional Excellence (CAPE) is an employee-driven development program for GSA’s acquisition workforce. Our vision is to set the bar for federal acquisition professional excellence and our mission is to be the federal government's premier employer for acquisition professionals by recruiting, developing, and retaining a community of strategic business partners with exceptional acquisition competencies.

Leveraging innovative technologies and agile methodologies, our three primary initiatives -- Acquisition College, Conversations in Contracting, and Ambassador Cadre -- address the biggest challenges faced by our acquisition workforce.


The Acquisition College is a virtual learning tool that targets the unique learning needs of GSA (e.g., establishing Schedules, constructing public buildings). It promotes continuous learning through a problem-solving approach that challenges learners in a simulated work environment; users learn by doing! The Acquisition College courses will complement standard certification training by offering content designed specifically to meet the needs of GSA’s acquisition professionals.

These won’t be the same old training courses we’re all used to--Acquisition College courses will all include FAS- and PBS-specific examples and scenarios so that our acquisition workforce can more easily apply what they learn to their work on the job. Additionally, the College will be designed to accommodate different learning styles by including a mix of formats, ranging from pre-recorded videos to interactive learning activities.


Conversations in Contracting is a virtual, interactive acquisition applied learning series. Formatted like a television series, each “episode” airs live with diverse hosts discussing real-world GSA contracting challenges; audience participation is encouraged! CAPE recruits internally and externally for hosts and takes a lead role in writing, directing, and producing each episode.
This series helps the acquisition workforce build key competencies around timely topics by providing:

  • Real-world GSA contracting work
  • Real-time participation
  • Diverse guest hosts (Government, Industry, Academia)
  • Interaction and discussion with peers across the country


The Ambassador Cadre is a group of delegates, representing FAS and PBS in every region, nominated by their leadership to dedicate a portion of their time to acquisition professional development for the Agency. Ambassadors are actively involved in the design and implementation of CAPE initiatives. Self-managed Ambassador Committees meet monthly to keep our "finger on the pulse" of the workforce and ensures CAPE meets the needs of all members of the acquisition workforce.

Last Reviewed: 2019-09-12