Performance Measurement for Mail Operations

Performance measures gauge the health of your mail operations by reviewing and evaluating performance over time.

Agencies must develop performance measures and implement them into their internal mail policy supporting the performance measurement requirements in FMR 102-192.110.

Performance measures provide us with quantitative information to let us know how well we are doing, if we are meeting our goals, and if our customers are satisfied. They are a tool to help us understand, manage, and improve what our organizations do. They provide us with the information necessary to make data driven decisions.

We suggest the following areas to consider when developing your agency’s mail performance measures:

  • Customer Service. This area measures user satisfaction with mail center services. Performance measure examples include number,frequency and type of mail user complaints by customer groups.
  • Efficiency/Effectiveness. This area measures whether activities are being completed in an optimal way. They also ask whether we are doing things right? Examples include the percentage of mail items delivered correctly, timely, Undeliverable-As-Addressed (UAA), or with postage due on a daily/weekly/ monthly basis.
  • Mail Center Management. This area measures employee job readiness. Examples include number of hours employees receive training, development, and annual certifications.
  • Safety and Security. This area measures the overall health and safety of the organization. Examples include: annually updating mail recovery plans, records of employees receiving annual safety training, and quarterly accident report in each mail center.

Listed below are some sample performance measures for incoming mail, outgoing mail, management, contract and service agreements.

For Incoming Mail:

  • Sort rate (pieces per hour)
  • Pieces of mail handled per Full Time Equivalent (FTE)
  • Percent of internal mail delivered on time
  • Percent of incoming USPS mail delivered on time
  • Percent of accountable mail delivered on time
  • Percent of internal and USPS mail sorted correctly
  • Customer satisfaction

For Outgoing Mail:

  • Cost per piece by class
  • Worksharing savings
  • Express mail expense divided by total postage
  • Percent of meter postage and stamps that are spoiled
  • Percent of outgoing mail that is moved to the USPS on the same day it is received in the mail center
  • Percent of outgoing mail that is returned as undeliverable as addressed

Management Measures:

  • Ratio of production staff to administrative and supervisory staff
  • Results of employee satisfaction surveys
  • Workplace safety (e.g., work hours lost to accidents)
  • Annual hours of training per FTE
  • Frequency of customer complaints
  • Results of customer satisfaction surveys

For Contracts and Service Level Agreements:


  • Processing speed
  • Downtime
  • Response time for service calls
  • Appropriate meter size for mail center operation

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