Identification of Excess Personal Property

The federal government owns almost $2 trillion of personal property. This includes information technology (IT), office furniture, scientific equipment, industrial machinery, and other items. The Federal Personal Property Management Act of 2018, Public Law (P.L.) 115-419 [pdf] requires agencies to use GSA guidance to assess the utilization and ongoing need for personal property.

All agencies’ policies or processes should reflect the requirement to continuously review and identify unrequired personal property. Without such policies or processes, agencies may not be routinely identifying unrequired property that could be used elsewhere within the agency, by other federal agencies or eligible donation customers.


To the greatest extent practical, an agency should establish or designate an individual or office to manage the agency’s asset management program from a strategic perspective. In addition to the guidance on this website, agencies should be familiar with the provisions of Voluntary Consensus Standards (VCS) addressing overall quality management systems (ISO 9000 series), asset management (ISO 55000 series and ASTM standards (as directed by OMB Circular A-119 [pdf]).

The Interagency Committee on Property Management (ICPM) has developed an Identification of Excess Guide to provide guidance to agencies. The guide is periodically reviewed and updated by the ICPM and is available here [DOCX - 23 KB].

The ICPM has developed an Agency Asset Management Guide to identify the policy and guidance deemed most pertinent to our Federal agency asset management programs. The guide is periodically reviewed and updated by the ICPM membership and is available here.

Last Reviewed: 2020-12-04