Interagency Committee on Property Management

Interagency Committee on Property Management (ICPM)

The ICPM consists of a representative designated by any Executive agencies interested in personal property. The committee chairperson may appoint a steering subcommittee composed of six or more committee members. The steering subcommittee may appoint task groups as needed to accomplish the functions of the full committee. Task group members need not be member agency representatives.

The ICPM, on a continuing basis, reviews agency and governmentwide personal property management practices for the purposes of:

  • Developing initiatives to standardize efficient and effective property management policies, procedures, and automated Systems among agencies and recommending their application on a governmentwide basis;
  • Identifying, publicizing, and promoting on a governmentwide basis, changes to policies, procedures, systems and other property management initiatives; and
  • Encouraging meaningful performance measurement and enhanced customer service in the interest of good property stewardship.

The committee conducts appropriate studies, reviews, and projects and submits to the Associate Administrator for Governmentwide Policy, GSA, recommendations for improvements in governmentwide property management policies and practices.

View the ICPM Charter [DOCX - 14 KB].

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Last Reviewed: 2019-08-02