Gold Star Award for Excellence

The GSA Gold Star Award is presented annually to recognize a federal agency’s innovative implementation of Executive Order 12999. GSA’s goal in presenting this award is to publicly recognize and draw attention to the federal government’s commitment to improving access to computer technology in American education.

Agencies are encouraged to share their Computers for Learning innovative, cost-effective, or streamlined practices or policies that have improved access to computer technology in America’s classrooms. These may include practices that:

  • Protect educationally useful federal equipment for transfer to schools and educational nonprofit organizations;
  • Lead to the efficient transfer of educationally useful federal equipment to schools and nonprofit organizations;
  • Assist in teachers’ professional development; and/or
  • Help connect America’s classrooms to the World Wide Web.

To reaffirm GSA's commitment to broadly recognize achievement in personal property management, GSA plans to present this award annually during the National Property Management Association’s National Education Seminar.

Agencies participation is vital to the success of the Computers for Learning program and its goal of managing federal personal property in the most effective and efficient manner. GSA looks forward to receiving agency entries.

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