Personal Property Library

Laws Related to Personal Property
P.L. 107-217 Title 40 Public Buildings, Property and Works [PDF - 774 KB]
15 U.S.C 3710 Utilization of Federal Technology (Stevenson Wydler Act of 1980, as amended) [DOCX - 50 KB]
Property Act Text – Selected Provisions Related to Personal Property [PDF - 108 KB]
Use of Funds for Waste Prevention Programs [DOCX - 13 KB]
Restrictions on Furnishings and Decorations [DOCX - 14 KB]

Personal Property Regulations and Bulletins

FMR Bulletin B-41 Foreign Gift Decoration Minimal Value [PDF - 27 KB]
List of Active FMR Bulletins [PDF - 64 KB]
FMR Bulletin B-34, Disposal of Federal Electronic Assets [PDF - 62 KB]
FMR Bulletin B-36, Handling of Safes and Locking File Cabinets [PDF - 59 KB]

Other Personal Property Policies
E.O. 12999 Educational Technology: Ensuring Opportunity for All Children in the Next Century [PDF - 152 KB]
E.O. 13693 Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade [PDF - 342 KB]
OMB Circular A-119 Federal Participation in the Development and Use of Voluntary Consensus Standards and in Conformity Assessment Activities [PDF - 505 KB] (Revised 1/27/2016)
OMB Circular A-123 Management’s Responsibility for Internal Control [PDF - 231 KB]
OMB Circular A-126 Improving the Management and Use of Government Aircraft [PDF - 101 KB]

Other Personal Property Guidance
Asset Management Guide [DOC - 522 KB]
Electronic Take-Back Guidance 2015 [PDF - 233 KB]
Accountability of Personal Property [DOCX - 33 KB]
Annual Executive Reports on Excess and Exchange Sale Transactions [DOCX - 16 KB]
Asset Management Certification [DOCX - 25 KB]
Guidance on Donation of Foreign Excess Property [PDF - 138 KB]
Training for Personal Property Management [DOCX - 39 KB]

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