Executive Relocation Steering Committee

The Executive Relocation Steering Committee was created according to a GRAB recommendation. Its purpose is to provide advice and assistance to GSA's Office of Travel, Transportation and Asset Management toward improving federal relocation programs and processes. The Executive Relocation Steering Committee (ERSC) was charted with the following criteria.

  1. Assist GSA in establishing a long-term strategic vision for federal relocation programs;
  2. Identify and share with federal agencies relocation best practices identified from federal and private sector relocation sources;
  3. Help federal agencies identify trends in private sector relocation practices and adapt them for use in federal agencies;
  4. Work to resolve common relocation problems and challenges;
  5. Serve as a permanent liaison among federal agencies, the private sector and other governmental entities regarding relocation issues;
  6. Review, analyze, develop, and make recommendations to GSA on relocation policy initiatives;
  7. Serve as a focal point to federal agencies for the coordination of relocation management programs and the adoption of cost efficient, effective and policy compliant relocation practices by their agencies; and
  8. Develop and maintain a governmentwide relocation philosophy statement.

The ERSC will perform its work through meetings and working groups.List of Executive Relocation Steering Committee Members

For all travel policy questions, e-mail travelpolicy@gsa.gov

Last Reviewed: 2018-01-29