Environmental Protection Agency

The four questions below were completed by the agency and provide an overview of its permanent change of station (PCS) services. To learn more about the business and technology side of its PCS services, please see the additional links at the bottom of the page.

Question: Describe your RRC and discuss how it improves the PCS experience for Federal travelers and relocation managers.

The Federal Employee Relocation Center (FERC) is a highly cost-competitive, efficient, customer service driven Relocation Resource Center capable of managing “one-stop-shop” domestic and international relocations for civilian government agencies.

We partner with other Agencies to reform permanent change of station (PCS) practices in the Federal Government, improve operational effectiveness, eliminate variability, and deliver e-Relocation services to the federal marketplace through Working Capital Fund Interagency Agreements (IA).

Question: In general terms, discuss the range of services offered to customer agencies by your RRC. What do you consider unique, that makes your organization stand out from the others? What does your solution do best?

The FERC provides full-service relocation management dedicated to supporting the recruitment, retention, and relocation of federal agency employees.

We offer Full-Service Relocation Management, A la carte Service Options (e.g. Home Sale Program Management), and RRC Program Development consulting services. Our program is flexible to meet your needs and delivers superior customer service for both domestic and international moves. Additional key information can be found on our website at www.relocatefeds.gov that clearly demonstrates our unique abilities and solutions as a federal government relocation service provider.

Full Service Relocation Management includes:

  1. Full cost consultation with Program Offices & Human Resources
  2. Full entitlement and pre-move counseling with employee
  3. Employee relocation program planning & coordination (end-to-end)
  4. Electronic creation of the employee travel authorization & vouchers
  5. PCS Travel Agent Services (Book air travel, lodging, car rentals)
  6. National Temporary Quarters Network
  7. Centralized shipment & storage of household goods
  8. House-hunting trip coordination
  9. Comprehensive Home Sale & Home Purchase Program (Includes: Buyer’s Value Option, Amended Value, and Guaranteed Home Sale)
  10. Home Marketing Incentive Payment (HMIP) Program Assistance
  11. Expedient reimbursement [payment] of expenses & auditing
  12. Electronic expense management & reporting
  13. Records management
  14. Issuance of W2’s & RITA vouchers
  15. Managed customer service help-desk

Question: List any partners and/or agencies that assist you in providing your RRC services.

  1. mLINQs, LLC
  2. Move Management Inc.
  3. Primacy Relocation
  4. Capital Relocation
  5. Sibcy Cline Relocation
  6. Marriott ExecuStay
  7. Oakwood Worldwide
  8. CWTSato Travel, Inc.
  9. CitiMortgage
  10. Bank of America

Question: Briefly describe how you monitor/measure the performance of your RRC.

We perform comprehensive employee relocation surveys for internal (EPA) and external (other Federal Agencies) customers who use our service. We provide the summary results of findings to our customers.

Question: In implementing your RRC, how do you verify that the Federal Travel Regulation (41 CFR Chapters 300 through 304) is followed?

FERC is compliant with the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) on multiple levels. All of our PCS travel staff members attend FTR training conducted by the General Services Administration. Our web-based relocation expense management software is fully FTR compliant. All of our service providers/partner programs are FTR compliant.

Question: Do you consider your RRC services an end-to-end solution?

Response: Yes

Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26