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The questions below were completed by the agency and provide an overview of their permanent change of station (PCS) services. To learn more about the business and technology side of their PCS services, please see the additional links at the bottom of the page.

Question: Describe your RRC and discuss how it improves the PCS experience.

GSA Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Employee Relocation Resource Center (ERRC) is a government-wide center for employee relocation products and services that offers Federal agencies a streamlined procurement process with flexible programs, subject matter expertise and program support to develop procurement strategies and implement effective programs. GSA FAS's products and services are used by agencies and other RRCs serving transferees across the government. The FAS ERRC provides procurement solutions at volume-leveraged pricing to facilitate the moves of approximately 80% of relocating Federal employees. Additionally, through close collaboration with Federal agencies, the FAS ERRC acts as the central resource to provide leadership, advocacy, education and networking to our government relocation constituents through training, events and knowledge sharing.

Question: In general terms, discuss the range of services offered to customer agencies by your RRC. What do you consider unique, that makes your organization stand out from the others? What does your solution do best?

FAS's ERRC is unique in that it provides a consultative approach to assist agencies in tailoring GSA FAS procurement solutions to meet agency needs for guaranteed home buyout programs, household goods shipment services, expense tracking, corporate housing, property management and other relocation services. The FAS ERRC's primary constituents are the agency relocation coordinators and other RRC's that use GSA FAS procurement solutions.

Question: List any partners and/or agencies that assist you in providing your RRC services.

Agencies from all Cabinet-level departments are eligible to use GSA FAS relocation procurement solutions for guaranteed home buyout, household goods shipment services and other relocation services. Other RRCs use GSA FAS procurement tools in delivering services for government relocation.

Question: Briefly describe how you monitor/measure the performance of your RRC.

FAS ERRC continually monitors program performance by assessing price, service and overall value. Via independent assessments required as part of the OMB PART process, CHAMP rates were found to be 8.6% lower than commercial rates for the same routes/shipments. Service is monitored through standardized customer satisfaction surveys and results are applied to calculate a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) which is statistically blended with the posted rates to develop a Value Index (VI). Indices are posted on GSA's Transportation Management Services Solution (TMSS) alongside rates so that agencies may assess price as well as service when selecting among GSA's 280+ carriers. For homesale assistance, GSA monitors current market conditions to ensure fixed rate pricing is based on services and costs necessary to list and close on program homes. Schedule vendors must provide Commercial Sales Practice documentation of Most Favored Customer Pricing.

Question: In implementing your RRC, how do you verify that the Federal Travel Regulation (41 CFR Chapters 300 through 304) is followed?

All GSA FAS procurement solutions are reviewed by GSA program and acquisition teams to ensure FTR compliance.

Question: Do you consider your RRC services an end-to-end solution?

Response: No

Last Reviewed: 2020-08-19