Health and Human Services (HHS)

The questions below were completed by the agency and provide an overview of their permanent change of station (PCS) services. To learn more about the business and technology side of their PCS services, please see the additional links at the bottom of the page.

Question: Describe your RRC and discuss how it improves the PCS experience for Federal travelers and relocation managers.

We offer a team staffed with people-oriented subject matter experts deeply familiar with every aspect of relocation management. Our staff will help agencies manage their relocations, assist with the day to day activities and allow your employees to focus their efforts on their move.

Question: In general terms, discuss the range of services offered to customer agencies by your RRC. What do you consider unique, that makes your organization stand out from the others? What does your solution do best?

Our complete end to end services Include:

  • Assist in development of relocation policy;
  • Advice to agency managers on relocation benefit options;
  • Keep up to date on changes in government travel and relocation regulations;
  • Prepare and process pre-relocation documents;
  • Counsel employees about relocation allowances including Property Management and Guaranteed Home Sale (when applicable);
  • Manage the move, including packing and shipment of household goods;
  • Assist employee with travel arrangements;
  • Prepare and process employee vouchers;
  • Process third party real estate payments;
  • Make tax payments;
  • Prepare W-2s;
  • Comprehensive Reporting;

Our solution takes the stress off the employee and allows them to focus their efforts on their move.

Question: List any partners and/or agencies that assist you in providing your RRC services.

Bureau of Public Debt

Question: Briefly describe how you monitor/measure the performance of your RRC.

We monitor performance through constant communication with our customers and regular satisfaction surveys.

Question: In implementing your RRC, how do you verify that the Federal Travel Regulation (41 CFR Chapters 300 through 304) is followed?

The E-Gov Travel Branch will monitor FTR changes through normal system use and regular audits and testing.

Question: Do you consider your RRC services an end-to-end solution?

Response: Yes

Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26