Performance Goals and Measures

Briefly describe how you monitor/measure the performance of your RRC.

Bureau of the Public Debt ( BPD ): ARC identifies key performance measures in our customer agreements that we monitor in our systems. On a daily basis, we monitor the status of these metrics using system reports at a transaction level. We report summary results to our customers on a quarterly basis. We also provide an on-line survey form to the employee to request feedback on our services. Survey responses are e-mailed to a controlled e-mail box.

Department of Interior ( DOI ): The NBC RRC monitors performance by Client Performance Metrics reports which are generated and issued to client agencies on a quarterly basis. These reports incorporate the Service Level Agreement (SLA) between NBC and the client agency. The NBC tracks every PCS document to ensure compliance with our SLA. A minimum acceptable rate of 98% is maintained for all agencies. Processing times can be customized to suit an agency's needs within the SLA.

Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ): We perform comprehensive employee relocation surveys for internal (EPA) and external (other Federal Agencies) customers who use our service. We provide the summary results of findings to our customers.

Department of Health and Human Services ( HHS ): We monitor performance through constant communication with our customers and regular satisfaction surveys.

Department of Veterans Affairs ( VA ): Establishment of performance metrics is a key element of the agreements FSC negotiates with each customer. Our current agreements establish metrics for timeliness and accuracy of payment processing. On a monthly basis, our internal auditors randomly sample payments processed to determine compliance with VA regulations and policies and the FTR. The results of these audits are posted on our customer website. FSC conducts a pre-move and post-move customer satisfaction survey of each relocating employee. Feedback provided by our customers allows FSC to evaluate our current level of service and identify opportunities to enhance services. We encourage candid and constructive feedback and take immediate action to remedy problems identified by our customers.

General Services Administration (FAS): FAS ERRC continually monitors program performance by assessing price, service and overall value. Via independent assessments required as part of the OMB PART process, CHAMP rates were found to be 8.6% lower than commercial rates for the same routes/shipments. Service is monitored through standardized customer satisfaction surveys and results are applied to calculate a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) which is statistically blended with the posted rates to develop a Value Index (VI). Indices are posted on GSA's Transportation Management Services Solution (TMSS) alongside rates so that agencies may assess price as well as service when selecting among GSA's 280+ carriers. For homesale assistance, GSA monitors current market conditions to ensure fixed rate pricing is based on services and costs necessary to list and close on program homes. Schedule vendors must provide Commercial Sales Practice documentation of Most Favored Customer Pricing.

Last Reviewed: 2020-08-19