Governmentwide Transportation Policy Council (GTPC)

The Governmentwide Transportation Policy Council (GTPC) consist of approximately 100 policy managers representing agencies, boards and commissions that are involved with transportation activities. Agencies represented include the 24 CFO agencies as well as National Archives & Records Administration, U.S. AID, Peace Corp, and other independent agencies.

GTPC meetings are held periodically, typically quarterly.

View the GTPC Charter: GSA Directive OAD P 5420.1 - Chap 3 Charter 19 GTPC [PDF - 14 KB]

The GTPC provides strategic leadership to the transportation management program and its functions include:

• Discusses and develops the strategic vision of federal transportation
• Evaluates and updates regulations
• Shares and advocates best practices
• Develops practical, professional principles and standards
• Facilitates the development and use of key performance measures
• Assists in the development of training programs

These members ensure that their organizations are fully informed about the results of ongoing actions, discussions and initiatives regarding Government-wide transportation policies and regulations. The GTPC may establish federal interagency working groups to study specific topics. The GTPC will provide each work group with its specific mission. Each work group will provide status reports at GTPC meetings and present comprehensive final reports when necessary.

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Last Reviewed: 2018-01-18