Federal Transportation Officer eLearning Program

OGP’s Transportation Policy created the Federal Transportation and Logistics Management eLearning knowledge portal with federal specific training courses made available to all agencies at no cost.

The Federal Transportation Officer eLearning program was developed by OGP in collaboration from the Governmentwide Transportation Policy Council (GTPC) to meet the unique transportation officer training needs of the federal government. Three progressive courses take you from entry-level through senior management with learning that focuses on real-life issues. After the completion of each session, the student receives a session certificate along with Continuous Learning Points (CLP) earned. CLPs are an estimate of training received in hours. Successfully passing the final exam, the student receives a course certificate along with the sessions and CLPs earned.

This Federal Transportation Officer and Logistics Management Course Offerings [PDF - 260 KB] is composed of three courses.

  • Basic (Level 1): The course, composed of 12 sessions, provides an introduction to those federal employees who just entered or have been working in the transportation field for three or less years. This course can also serve as an introduction to other federal employees who may interface with the agency transportation activities.
  • Intermediate (Level 2): This course, comprised of 9 sessions, provides content on specific subject matter for a first-line supervisor, mid-level, or someone with 3+ years of transportation experience.
  • Advanced (Level 3): This course, consists of 5 sessions, provides content on specific subject matter for a senior transportation officer with over 5 years of transportation experience.

Last Reviewed: 2018-01-18