Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the role of OGP in setting and managing transportation policy?
OGP Transportation Policy seeks to improve agency freight and cargo management and enhance sustainable, efficient and effective transportation operations. Transportation Policy focuses on freight and cargo over 350 pounds, purchased and shipped into or out of federal agencies. OGP is responsible for the Federal Management Regulations (FMR) 41 CFR 102-117 Transportation Management and 41 CFR 102-118 Transportation Payment and Audit. An introduction to OGP is available here [PDF - 284 KB].

2. What are the Federal Transportation Regulations (FMR) 102-117 and 102-118?
FMR 102-117 prescribes the policy and requirements for managing transportation in Federal agencies and FMR 102-118 prescribes policy and requirements for transportation payments and audits.

3. How much does the Government spend annually on transportation?
The Federal budget reports that Federal agencies spent $34.7 billion in FY2011 on the transportation of goods or materials distributed from a government location.

4. How is transportation defined?
Transportation is the physical movement of commodities, household goods (HHG) and other freight from one location to another by a transportation service provider (TSP).

5. What authority does GSA Office of Government-wide Policy have over transportation?
40 U.S.C. 121-Public Buildings, Property, and Works provides the general authority for GSA to issue regulations and guidance for Federal transportation. 31 U.S.C. 3726 authorizes GSA to regulate transportation payment and audit by all Federal agencies.

6. What are agencies responsibilities regarding prepayment audit?
102-118 Subpart D - Prepayment Audit identifies agencies responsibilities regarding prepayment audits. Upon approval of your agency's prepayment audit program by the Chief Financial Officer, agencies are to submit their approved prepayment audit program for review to GSA Transportation Audits Division.

7. What are agencies postpayment audit requirements?
Agencies must submit their bills for a post payment audit to the GSA Audit Division in the Federal Acquisition Service. The GSA Audit Division has a Congressionally mandated responsibility under 31 U.S.C. 3726 to perform oversight on transportation bill payments. Details are available in the FMR 102-118 Subpart E- Postpayment Transportation Audits or at .

8. What are agency transportation manager responsibilities?
Agency transportation manager responsibilities are defined in . (I need help in finding where this is referenced. I was trying to follow the mail FAQ’s but couldn’t find a reference in the FMR.)

9. What federal council does the OGP Office of Transportation Policy host?
OGP has re-established the Government-wide Transportation Policy Council (GTPC), consisting of transportation experts from about 15 agencies, to help agencies establish, improve, and maintain effective transportation management policies, practices and procedures.

10. Who are the members of the GTPC ?
The members of the GTPC are the transportation leaders in their respective agencies who develop agency transportation policy and oversee transportation management.

Last Reviewed: 2018-01-18