This site provides an overview of transportation data collection, guidance, best practices, and transportation regulations which effect or impact transportation and traffic management services in addition to 41 CFR 102-117 Transportation Management and 41 CFR 102-118 Transportation Payment and Audit.

Data Collection provides information to assist in program assessments and improves decision-making capabilities. Every process improvement effort relies on data to provide a factual basis for making decisions using the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

Guidance documents often define standards or expectations which are part of a good practice, rule or requirement. Guidance documents are also used to explain internal policies.

Best Practices in program or project management are tried and tested processes collected from experiences and lessons learned which are repeatable and produce consistent outlines. They are documented as examples, baselines and measures.

Transportation Regulations are those in addition to 41 CFR 102-117 Transportation Management and 41 CFR 102-118 Transportation Payment and Audit that effect or impact agencies transportation and traffic management services. Transportation officers and others in positions to procure transportation and traffic management for their agencies should have knowledge of the regulations govern freight, cargo and household goods.

Transportation Fact Sheet

FY14 Transportation Fact Sheet [PDF - 93 KB]
FY11 Transportation Fact Sheet [PDF - 56 KB]

GSA has created Transportation data visualizations to enable a more robust look into the transportation of things. Transportation is the physical movement of commodities, household goods (HHGs), and other freight from one location to another by a transportation service provider. The Transportation dashboards depict trends from 2003-2014 for Transportation of Things by agency, product service codes, contract spending and mode (air, water, ground/motor vehicles, rail, non-modal). The data was retrieved from for executive branch agencies.

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