Governmentwide Travel Advisory Committee (GTAC)

The Government-wide Travel Advisory Committee’s (GTAC) final report [PDF - 856 KB] was delivered to the U.S. General Services Administration, via the GTAC Designated Federal Officer on March 4, 2015, completing all requirements of the GTAC Federal Advisory Committee Charter. The GTAC’s report addressed improvements and recommendations to increase travel efficiency and effectiveness, reduce costs, promote sustainability, and incorporate industry best practices. For detailed information regarding the “GTAC recommendations”, please refer to the links on the right side of this page.

Following receipt of the GTAC final report, GSA collaborated with agency travel directors to formulate the responses [PDF - 86 KB] to each of the recommendations. GSA then presented the proposed responses to each recommendation to the Senior Travel Officials Council and received consensus and concurrence for implementation. GSA's response to the report and recommendations is now available to the public. The GTAC report and responses will serve as a future guide for updating the efficiency and effectiveness of Federal travel policy and management. GSA thanks the Committee members and all who contributed to the review and recommendations to make this a worthwhile effort toward improving Federal travel.

If you wish to submit comments to GSA on this report or any of these recommendations, please submit them via email to with subject line: “Comments to GTAC Report”.

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