Premium Class Travel Report

The Federal Travel Regulation (FTR), Part 300-70 Agency Reporting Requirements establishes the requirement that federal agencies report the use of premium class travel accommodations by their federal employees while on official travel. The data is collected in the GSA Travel Reporting Tool and due to GSA on November 30th of each year. If agencies do not have premium class travel data to report, then they must submit a negative report in the reporting tool. When reporting premium class travel data, agencies will use the travel exception codes to justify each use of premium class travel accommodations. Reporting guidelines are issued through FTR Bulletins.

Agencies do not report premium class accommodations when:

  • The accommodations are paid by the traveler;
  • The accommodations are acquired by the traveler through frequent flier points or benefits;
  • The accommodations are considered a free upgrade;
  • The Government paid coach class fare or less for premium class accommodations; or
  • The premium class data is protected from public disclosure by statute or Executive Order. However, agencies not reporting data are required to report aggregate data in accordance with FTR §300-70.1031.

1 If the aggregate information is also protected from public disclosure then a negative report must be submitted to GSA (§300-70.103).

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Last Reviewed: 2019-09-17