Motor Vehicle Executive Council (MVEC)

The Motor Vehicle Executive Council (MVEC) performs activities to establish a long-term strategic vision for the management of governmentwide motor vehicles. Motor vehicles are an integral tool for agencies to use in meeting their missions. With the size, complexity and cost of the Federal Fleet, as well as the numerous laws impacting fleet operations, it is imperative that it be managed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The MVEC consist of representatives from federal agencies or activities, at the national level, that manage and operate federal motor vehicle fleets, and other members as agreed to by the MVEC membership. As necessary, the MVEC may establish work groups to examine specific issues.

The MVEC will provide each work group with its specific charge/mission. MVEC members shall suggest representatives to participate in the work groups along with other Federal Fleet Policy Council (FEDFLEET) members. MVEC meetings will be held on a periodic basis, generally monthly.

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Last Reviewed: 2017-12-18