Shuttles to Transport Employees Between Work and Mass Transit Stations

Agency-run shuttles are routinely used for interoffice transportation of employees during the workday. Questions have arisen regarding the propriety of such shuttles transporting employees between their place of work and public transportation as part of the daily commute.

A provision of the Transportation Equity Act of 2005 authorizes federal agencies operating shuttles to transport employees between their place of business and mass transit stations for purposes of facilitating employees’ commutes, provided the head of the agency makes that determination. Also, alternative fueled vehicles are to be used where practical, and agencies should coordinate with each other to reduce duplication of shuttle routes.

The applicable provision of this Act has been codified in Title 31, Subtitle II, Chapter 13, Subchapter III, Section 1344 (g) of the U.S.Code. This can be accessed on the GPO website. For any further questions, please e-mail

Last Reviewed: 2019-05-09