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Part 102-82 - Utility Services

Subpart A - General Provisions

§102-82.5 - What is the scope of this part?

The real property policies contained in this part apply to Federal agencies, including GSA’s Public Buildings Service (PBS), operating under, or subject to, the authorities of the Administrator of General Services.

§102-82.10 - What basic utility services policy govern Executive agencies?

Executive agencies procuring, managing or supplying utility services under Title 40 of the United States Code must provide or procure services that promote economy and efficiency with due regard to the mission responsibilities of the agencies concerned.

Subpart B - Utility Services

§102-82.15 - What utility services must Executive agencies provide?

Executive agencies must negotiate with public utilities to procure utility services and, where appropriate, provide rate intervention services in proceedings (see §102-72.100 and §102-72.105 of this chapter) before Federal and State utility regulatory bodies.

§102-82.20 - What are Executive agencies’ rate intervention responsibilities?

Where the consumer interests of the Federal Government will be significantly affected and upon receiving a delegation of authority from GSA, Executive agencies must provide representation in proceedings involving utility services before Federal and State regulatory bodies. Specifically, these responsibilities include instituting formal or informal action before Federal and State regulatory bodies to contest the level, structure, or applicability of rates or service terms of utility suppliers. The Secretary of Defense is independently authorized to take such actions without a delegation from GSA, when the Secretary determines such actions to be in the best interests of national security.

§102-82.25 - What are Executive agencies’ responsibilities concerning the procurement of utility services?

Executive agencies, operating under a utility services delegation from GSA, or the Secretary of Defense, when the Secretary determines it to be in the best interests of national security, must provide for the procurement of utility services (such as commodities and utility rebate programs), as required, and must procure from sources of supply that are the most advantageous to the Federal Government in terms of economy, efficiency, reliability, or quality of service. Executive agencies, upon receiving a delegation of authority from GSA, may enter into contracts for utility services for periods not exceeding ten years (40 U.S.C. 501(b)(1)(B).

Last Reviewed: 2020-10-22