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Part 102-77 - Art-in-Architecture

Subpart A - General Provisions

§102-77.5 - What is the scope of this part?

The real property policies contained in this part apply to Federal agencies, including GSA’s Public Buildings Service (PBS), operating under, or subject to, the authorities of the Administrator of General Services.

§102-77.10 - What basic Art-in-Architecture policy governs Federal agencies?

Federal agencies must incorporate fine arts as an integral part of the total building concept when designing new Federal buildings, and when making substantial repairs and alterations to existing Federal buildings, as appropriate. The selected fine arts, including painting, sculpture, and artistic work in other media, must reflect the national cultural heritage and emphasize the work of living American artists.

Subpart B - Art-in-Architecture

§102-77.15 - Who funds the Art-in-Architecture efforts?

To the extent not prohibited by law, Federal agencies must fund the Art-in-Architecture efforts by allocating a portion of the estimated cost of constructing or purchasing new Federal buildings, or of completing major repairs and alterations of existing buildings. Funding for qualifying projects, including new construction, building purchases, other building acquisition, or prospectus-level repair and alteration projects, must be in a range determined by the Administrator of General Services.

§102-77.20 - With whom should Federal agencies collaborate with when commissioning and selecting art for Federal buildings?

To the maximum extent practicable, Federal agencies should seek the support and involvement of local citizens in selecting appropriate artwork. Federal agencies should collaborate with the artist and community to produce works of art that reflect the cultural, intellectual, and historic interests and values of a community. In addition, Federal agencies should work collaboratively with the architect of the building and art professionals, when commissioning and selecting art for Federal buildings. Federal agencies should commission artwork that is diverse in style and media.

§102-77.25 - Do Federal agencies have responsibilities to provide national visibility for Art-in-Architecture?

Yes, Federal agencies should provide Art-in-Architecture that receives appropriate national and local visibility to facilitate participation by a large and diverse group of artists representing a wide variety of types of artwork.

Last Reviewed: 2020-04-02