Subchapter A—General

Part 102-2—Federal Management Regulation System

Subpart A—Regulation System

102-2.5— What is the Federal Management Regulation (FMR)?
102-2.10— What is the FMR’s purpose?
102-2.15— What is the authority for the FMR system?
102-2.20— Which agencies are subject to the FMR?
102-2.25— When are other agencies involved in developing the FMR?
102-2.30— Where and in what formats is the FMR published?
102-2.35— How is the FMR distributed?
102-2.40— May an agency issue implementing and supplementing regulations for the FMR?
102-2.45— How is the FMR numbered?
102-2.50— How do I number my agency’s implementing regulations?
102-2.55— How do I number my agency’s supplementing regulations?
102-2.60— What is a deviation from the FMR?
102-2.65— When may agencies deviate from the FMR?
102-2.70— What are individual and class deviations?
102-2.75— What timeframes apply to deviations?
102-2.80— What steps must an agency take to deviate from the FMR?
102-2.85— What are the reasons for writing to GSA about FMR deviations?
102-2.90— Where should my agency send its correspondence on an FMR deviation?
102-2.95— What information must agencies include in their deviation letters to GSA?
102-2.100— Must agencies provide GSA with a follow-up analysis of their experience in deviating from the FMR?
102-2.105— What information must agencies include in their follow-up analysis?
102-2.110— When must agencies provide their follow-up letters?
Non-Regulatory Material
102-2.115— What kinds of non-regulatory material does GSA publish outside of the FMR?
102-2.120— How do I know whom to contact to discuss the regulatory requirements of programs addressed in the FMR?
102-2.125— What source of information can my agency use to identify materials that describe how to do business with GSA?

Subpart B—Forms

102-2.130— Where are FMR forms prescribed?
102-2.135— How do agencies obtain forms prescribed by the FMR?

Subpart C—Plain Language Regulatory Style

102-2.140— What elements of plain language appear in the FMR?
102-2.145— To what do pronouns refer when used in the FMR?
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