Subchapter B—Personal Property

Part 102-42—Utilization, Donation, and Disposal of Foreign Gifts and Decorations

Subpart A—General Provisions

102-42.5— What does this part cover?
102-42.10— What definitions apply to this part?
Care, Handling and Disposition
102-42.15— Under what circumstances may an employee retain a foreign gift or decoration?
102-42.20— What is the typical disposition process for gifts and decorations that employees are not authorized to retain?
102-42.25— Who retains custody of gifts and decorations pending disposal?
102-42.30— Who is responsible for the security, care and handling, and delivery of gifts and decorations to GSA, and all costs associated with such functions?
102-42.35— Can the employing agency be reimbursed for transfers of gifts and decorations?
102-42.40— When is an appraisal necessary?
102-42.45— What is my agency’s responsibility for establishing procedures for obtaining an appraisal?
102-42.50— What types of appraisals may my agency consider?
102-42.55— What does the employing agency do with the appraisal?
Special Disposals
102-42.60— Who is responsible for gifts and decorations received by Senators and Senate employees?
102-42.65— What happens if the Commission on Art and Antiquities does not dispose of a gift or decoration?
102-42.70— Who handles gifts and decorations received by the President or Vice President or a member of their family?
102-42.75— How are gifts containing hazardous materials handled?

Subpart B—Utilization of Foreign Gifts and Decorations

102-42.80— To whom do “we”, “you”, and their variants refer?
102-42.85— What gifts or decorations must we report to GSA?
102-42.90— What is the requirement for reporting gifts or decorations that were retained for official use but are no longer needed?
102-42.95— How do we report gifts and decorations as excess personal property?
102-42.100— How can we obtain an excess gift or decoration from another agency?
102-42.105— What special information must be included on the SF 122?
102-42.110— How must we justify a transfer request?
102-42.115— What must we do when the transferred gifts and decorations are no longer required for official use?

Subpart C—Donation of Foreign Gifts and Decorations

102-42.120— When may gifts or decorations be donated to State agencies?
102-42.125— How is donation of gifts or decorations accomplished?
102-42.130— Are there special requirements for the donation of gifts and decorations?

Subpart D—Sale or Destruction of Foreign Gifts and Decorations

102-42.135— Whose approval must be obtained before a foreign gift or decoration is offered for public sale?
102-42.140— How is a sale of a foreign gift or decoration to an employee conducted?
102-42.145— When is public sale of a foreign gift or decoration authorized?
102-42.150— What happens to proceeds from sales?
102-42.155— Can foreign gifts or decorations be destroyed?
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