Subchapter B—Personal Property

Part 102-34—Motor Vehicle Management

Subpart A—General Provisions

102-34.5— What does this part cover?
102-34.10— What are the governing authorities for this part?
102-34.15— Who must comply with these provisions?
102-34.20— What motor vehicles are not covered by this part?
102-34.25— To whom do “we”, “you”, and their variants refer?
102-34.30— How do we request a deviation from the provisions of this part?
102-34.35— What definitions apply to this part?

Subpart B—Obtaining Fuel Efficient Motor Vehicles

102-34.40— Who must comply with motor vehicle fuel efficiency requirements?
102-34.45— How are passenger automobiles classified?
102-34.50— What size motor vehicles may we obtain?
102-34.55— Are there fleet average fuel economy standards we must meet?
102-34.60— How do we calculate the average fuel economy for Government motor vehicles?
102-34.65— How may we request an exemption from the fuel economy standards?
102-34.70— What do we do with completed calculations of our fleet vehicle acquisitions?
102-34.75— Who is responsible for monitoring our compliance with fuel economy standards for motor vehicles we obtain?
102-34.80— Where may we obtain help with our motor vehicle acquisition plans?

Subpart C—Identifying and Registering Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Identification
102-34.85— What motor vehicles require motor vehicle identification?
102-34.90— What motor vehicle identification must we display on Government motor vehicles?
102-34.95— What motor vehicle identification must the Department of Defense (DOD) display on motor vehicles it owns or leases commercially?
102-34.100— Where is motor vehicle identification displayed?
102-34.105— Before we sell a motor vehicle, what motor vehicle identification must we remove?
License Plates
102-34.110— Must Government motor vehicles use Government license plates?
102-34.115— Can official U.S. Government license plates be used on motor vehicles not owned or leased by the Government?
102-34.120— Do we need to register Government motor vehicles?
102-34.125— Where may we obtain U.S. Government license plates?
102-34.130— How do we display U.S. Government license plates on Government motor vehicles?
102-34.135— What do we do about a lost or stolen license plate?
102-34.140— What records do we need to keep on U.S. Government license plates?
102-34.145— How are U.S. Government license plates coded?
102-34.150— How can we get a new license plate code designation?
Identification Exemptions
102-34.155— What are the types of motor vehicle identification exemptions?
102-34.160— May we have a limited exemption from displaying U.S. Government license plates and other motor vehicle identification?
102-34.165— What information must the limited exemption certification contain?
102-34.170— For how long is a limited exemption valid?
102-34.175— What motor vehicles have an unlimited exemption from displaying U.S. Government license plates and motor vehicle identification?
102-34.180— What agencies have a special exemption from displaying U.S. Government license plates and motor vehicle identification on some of their vehicles?
102-34.185— What license plates do we use on motor vehicles that are exempt from motor vehicle identification requirements?
102-34.190— What special requirements apply to exempted motor vehicles using District of Columbia or State license plates?
102-34.195— Must we submit a report concerning motor vehicles exempted under this subpart?

Subpart D—Official Use of Government Motor Vehicles

102-34.200— What is official use of Government motor vehicles?
102-34.205— May I use a Government motor vehicle for transportation between my residence and place of employment?
102-34.210— May I use a Government motor vehicle for transportation between places of employment and mass transit facilities?
102-34.215— May Government contractors use Government motor vehicles?
102-34.220— What does GSA do if it learns of unofficial use of a Government motor vehicle?
102-34.225— How are Federal employees disciplined for misuse of Government motor vehicles?
102-34.230— How am I responsible for protecting Government motor vehicles?
102-34.235— Am I bound by State and local traffic laws?
102-34.240— Who pays for parking fees?
102-34.245— Who pays for parking fines?
102-34.250— Do Federal employees in Government motor vehicles have to use all safety devices and follow all safety guidelines?

Subpart E—Replacement of Motor Vehicles

102-34.255— What are motor vehicle replacement standards?
102-34.260— May we replace a Government-owned motor vehicle sooner?
102-34.265— May we keep a Government-owned motor vehicle even though the standard permits replacement?
102-34.270— How long must we keep a Government-owned motor vehicle?

Subpart F—Scheduled Maintenance of Motor Vehicles

102-34.275— What kind of maintenance programs must we have?
102-34.280— What State inspections must we have for Government motor vehicles?
102-34.285— Where can we obtain help in setting up a maintenance program?

Subpart G—Motor Vehicle Crash Reporting

102-34.290— What forms do I use to report a crash involving a domestic fleet motor vehicle?
102-34.295— To whom do we send crash reports?

Subpart H—Disposal of Motor Vehicles

102-34.300— How do we dispose of a domestic fleet motor vehicle?
102-34.305— What forms do we use to transfer ownership when selling a motor vehicle?
102-34.310— How do we distribute the completed Standard Form 97?

Subpart I—Motor Vehicle Fueling

102-34.315— How do we obtain fuel for Government motor vehicles?
102-34.320— What Government-issued charge cards may I use to purchase fuel and motor vehicle related services?
102-34.325— What type of fuel do I use in Government motor vehicles?

Subpart J—Federal Fleet Report

102-34.330— What is the Federal Fleet Report?
102-34.335— How do I submit information to the General Services Administration (GSA) for the Federal Fleet Report (FFR)?
102-34.340— Do we need a fleet management information system?
102-34.345— What records do we need to keep?

Subpart K—Forms

102-34.350— How do we obtain the forms prescribed in this part?
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