Subchapter G—Administrative programs

Part 102-192—Mail Management

Subpart A—Introduction to this Part

102-192.5— What does this part cover?
102-192.10— What authority governs this part?
102-192.15— How are “I”, “you”, “me”, “we”, and “us” used in this part?
102-192.20— How are “must” and “should” used in this part?
102-192.25— Does this part apply to me?
102-192.30— What types of mail does this part apply to?
102-192.35— What definitions apply to this part?
102-192.40— Where can we obtain more information about the classes of mail?
102-192.45— How can we request a deviation from these requirements, and who can approve it?

Subpart B—Agency Requirements Financial Requirements for All Agencies

102-192.50— What payment processes are we required to use?
102-192.55— Why must we use these payment processes?
102-192.60— How do we implement these payment processes?
102-192.65— What features must our finance systems have to keep track of mail expenditures?
Security Requirements for All Agencies
102-192.70— What security policies and plans must we have?
102-192.75— Why must we have written security policies and plans?
102-192.80— How do we develop written security policies and plans?
Reporting Requirements
102-192.85— Who must report to GSA annually?
102-192.90— What must we include in our annual mail management report to GSA?
102-192.95— Why does GSA require annual mail management reports?
102-192.100— How do we submit our annual mail management report to GSA?
102-192.105— When must we submit our annual mail management report to GSA?
Performance Measurement Requirements for All Agencies
102-192.110— At what levels in our agency must we have performance measures?
102-192.115— Why must we use performance measures?
Agency Mail Manager Requirements
102-192.120— Must we have an agency mail manager?
102-192.125— What is the appropriate managerial level for an agency mail manager?
102-192.130— What are your general responsibilities as an agency mail manager?

Subpart C—Mail Center Manager Requirements

102-192.135— Must we have a mail center manager at our facility?
102-192.140— What types of support does GSA offer to Federal agency mail management programs?
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