Part 301-12-Miscellaneous Expenses

Authority: 5 U.S.C. 5707.
§301-12.1 What miscellaneous expenses are reimbursable?

When the following items have been authorized or approved by your agency, they will be reimbursed as a miscellaneous expense. Taxes for reimbursable lodging are deemed approved when lodging is authorized. Examples of such expenses include, but are not limited to the following:

General expenses Fees to obtain money Special expenses of foreign travel

Baggage expenses as described in §301-12.2 Services of guides, interpreters, drivers Services of an attendant as described in §301-13.3 Use of computers, printers, faxing machines, and scanners Services of typists, data processors, or stenographers Storage of property used on official business Hire of conference center room or hotel room for official business Official telephone calls/service (see note). Faxes, telegrams, cable-grams, or radiograms Lodging taxes as prescribed in §301-11.27 Laundry, cleaning and pressing of clothing expenses as prescribed in §301-11.31 Energy surcharge and lodging resort fee(s) (when such fee(s) is/are not optional)

Fees for travelers checks Fees for money orders Fees for certified checks Transaction fees for use of automated teller machines (ATMs)-Government contractor-issued charge card

Commissions on conversion of foreign currency Passport and/or visa fees, including fees for a physical examination if one is required to obtain a passport and/or visa and such examination could not be obtained at a Government facility. Reimbursement for such fees may include travel and transportation costs to the passport/visa issuing office if located outside the local commuting area of the employee's official station and the traveler's presence at that office is mandatory. Costs of photographs for passports and visas Foreign country exit fees Costs of birth, health, and identity certificates Charges for inoculations that cannot be obtained through a Federal dispensary

Note to §301-12.1: You should use Government provided services for all official communications. When they are not available, commercial services may be used. Reimbursement may be authorized or approved by your agency.

§301-12.2 What baggage expenses may my agency pay?

Your agency may reimburse expenses related to baggage as follows:

  1. Transportation charges for authorized excess;

  2. Necessary charges for transferring baggage;

  3. Necessary charges for storage of baggage when such charges are the result of official business;

  4. All fees pertaining to the first checked bag. In addition, charges relating to the second and subsequent bags may be reimbursed when the agency determines those expenses necessary and in the interest of the Government (see §§301-70.300, 301-70.301). Travelers should verify their agency's current policies and procedures regarding excess baggage prior to traveling; and

  5. Charges or tips at transportation terminals for handling Government property carried by the traveler.

Last Reviewed: 2020-01-10