Part 300-70-Agency Reporting Requirements

Authority: 5 U.S.C. 5707; 5 U.S.C. 5738; 5 U.S.C. 5741-5742; 20 U.S.C. 905(a); 31 U.S.C. 1353; 40 U.S.C. 121(c); 49 U.S.C. 40118; E.O. 11609, as amended, 3 CFR, 1971-1975 Comp., p. 586.

Subpart A-Requirement to Report Agency Payments for Employee Travel, Transportation, and Relocation

§300-70.1 What are the requirements for reporting payments for employee travel, transportation, and relocation?

Agencies (as defined in §301-1.1 of this subtitle) must report total travel and transportation payments, including relocation, no later than November 30 of each year to GSA, as described in this part:

  1. Specific information on reporting payments for temporary duty travel are in this subpart.

  2. Specific information on reporting payments for employee relocation are in Part 302-1 of this subtitle.

§300-70.2 What information must we report?

Information on agency reporting requirements is available at

§300-70.3 When must we report pertinent travel, transportation, and relocation data?

All travel, transportation, and relocation data are due by the date prescribed in §300-70.1. The head of your agency is responsible for ensuring this data is complete and accurate before submitting it to GSA.

§300-70.4 Must we report travel, transportation, and relocation data if we have major suborganizations?

Your report must cover all components of your agency.

Subpart B-Requirement to Report Use of Other Than Coach-Class Transportation Accommodations

§300-70.100 Who must report use of other than coach-class transportation accommodations?

An agency as defined in §301-1.1 of this subtitle.

§300-70.101 Where can we find what information we are required to report?

GSA will issue a Bulletin which will inform agencies of the required information and reporting format(s) for any trip in which the agency authorized and paid for transportation that exceeded the use of coach-class or lowest first-class accommodations. Negative submissions are required. Bulletins regarding the Federal Travel Regulation are located on the Internet at

§300-70.102 How often must we report the required information?

You must annually submit the required information to GSA no later than 60 days after the end of each fiscal year.

§300-70.103 Are there any exceptions to the reporting requirement?

Yes. You are not required to report data that is protected from public disclosure by statute or Executive Order. However, you are required to submit, in a cover letter to GSA, the following aggregate information.

  1. Aggregate number of authorized other than coach-class trips that are protected from disclosure;

  2. Total cost of actual other than coach-class fares paid that exceeded the coach-class fare; and

  3. Total cost of coach class fares that would have been paid for the same travel.

NOTE to §300-70.103: If the aggregate information is also protected from public disclosure then a negative report must be submitted to GSA.

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Last Reviewed: 2020-01-10