Part 301-75-Pre-employment Interview Travel

Authority: 5 U.S.C. 5707.

Subpart A-General Rules

§301-75.1 What is the purpose of the allowance for pre-employment interview travel expenses?

To help you recruit highly qualified individuals.

§301-75.2 May we pay pre-employment interview travel expenses?

Yes, if you determine it is in the best interest of the Government to do so. However, pre-employment travel expenses may not be authorized to offset or defray other expenses not allowable under this subpart.

§301-75.3 What governing policies and procedures must we establish related to pre-employment interview travel?

You must establish policies and procedures governing:

  1. When you will pay pre-employment interview travel expenses, including the criteria for determining which individuals or positions qualify for payment of such expenses;

  2. Who will determine, in each individual case, that a person qualifies for pre-employment interview travel expenses; and

  3. Who will determine what expenses you will pay for each individual interviewee.

§301-75.4 What other responsibilities do we have for pre-employment interview travel?

You must:

  1. Provide your interviewees with a list of FEMA approved accommodations in the vicinity of the interview, and encourage them to stay in an approved accommodation;

  2. Inform the interviewee that he/she is responsible for excess cost and any additional expenses that he/she incurs for personal preference or convenience;

  3. Inform the interviewee that the Government will not pay for excess costs resulting from circuitous routes, delays, or luxury accommodations or services unnecessary or unjustified in the performance of official business;

  4. Assist the interviewee in preparing the travel claim;

  5. Provide the interviewee with instructions on how to submit the claim; and

  6. Inform the interviewee that he/she may subject himself/herself to criminal penalties if he or she knowingly presents a false, fictitious, or fraudulent travel claim (See 18 U.S.C. 287 and 1001).

Subpart B-Travel Expenses

§301-75.100 Must we pay all of the interviewee's pre-employment interview travel expenses?

If you decide to pay the interviewee per diem or common carrier transportation costs, you must pay the full amount of such cost to which the interviewee would be entitled if the interviewee were a Government employee traveling on official business.

§301-75.101 What pre-employment interview travel expenses may we pay?

You may pay the following expenses:

  1. Transportation expenses as provided in part 301-10 of this chapter;

  2. Per diem expenses as provided in part 301-11 of this chapter;

  3. Miscellaneous expenses as provided in part 301-12 of this chapter; and

  4. Travel expenses of an individual with a disability or special need as provided in part 301-13 of this chapter.

§301-75.102 What pre-employment interview travel expenses are not payable?

You may not pay expenses for:

  1. Use of communication services for purposes other than communication directly related to travel arrangement for the Government interview.

  2. Hire of a room at a hotel or other place to transact official business.

§301-75.103 What are our responsibilities when we authorize an interviewee to use common carrier transportation to perform pre-employment interview travel?

You must provide the interviewee with one of the following:

  1. A common carrier ticket;

  2. A GTR; or

  3. A point of contact with your travel management center to arrange the common carrier transportation. In this instance, you must notify the travel management center that the interviewee is authorized to receive a ticket for the trip;

  4. Written instructions explaining your procedures and the liability of the interviewee for controlling and accounting for passenger transportation documents, if common carrier transportation is required;

  5. A credit/refund address for any common carrier transportation provided for unused government furnished tickets.

Subpart C-Obtaining Travel Services and Claiming Reimbursement

§301-75.200 How will we pay for pre-employment interviewee travel expenses?
For You will
Common carrier transportation expenses other than transit systems at the agency's location. Bill the expenses to a centrally billed or other agency established account or provide the traveler with a GTR when no other option is available or feasible.
Other expenses. Require payment by the interviewee and reimburse the interviewee for allowable travel expenses upon submission and approval of his/her travel claim.
§301-75.201 May we allow the interviewee to use individual Government contractor-issued charge cards for pre-employment interview travel?


§301-75.202 What must we do if the interviewee exchanges the ticket he or she has been issued?
If You will inform the traveler
The new ticket is more expensive than the ticket you provided. That he/she must pay the difference using personal funds and he/she will not receive reimbursement for the extra amount.
The new ticket is less expensive than the ticket you provided. Provide the interviewee with a credit/refund address by attaching a copy of the GTR, or some other document containing this information, to either the ticket or the travel authorization as provided in the U.S. Government Passenger Transportation Handbook" (
§301-75.203 May we provide the interviewee with a travel advance?


§301-75.204 May we use Government contractor-issued travelers checks to pay for the interviewee's travel expenses?


§301-75.205 Is the interviewee required to submit a travel claim to us?

No. Only if the interviewee wants to be reimbursed, then he or she must submit a travel claim in accordance with your agency procedures in order to receive reimbursement for pre-employment interview travel expense.

Last Reviewed: 2020-01-10