General Structure and Parts

Subchapter A—General

102-1 General [Reserved]

102-2 Federal Management Regulation System

102-3 Federal Advisory Committee Management

102-4 Nondiscrimination in Federal Financial Assistance Programs [Reserved]

102-5 Home-to-Work Transportation

Subchapter B—Personal Property

102-31 General [Reserved]

102-32 Management of Personal Property [Reserved]

102-33 Management of Government Aircraft

102-34 Motor Vehicle Management

102-35 Disposition of Personal Property

102-36 Disposition of Excess Personal Property

102-37 Donation of Surplus Personal Property

102-38 Sale of Personal Property

102-39 Replacement of Personal Property Pursuant to the Exchange/Sale Authority

102-40 Utilization and Disposition of Personal Property with Special Handling Requirements

102-41 Disposition of Seized, Forfeited, Voluntarily Abandoned, and Unclaimed Personal Property

102-42 Utilization, Donation, and Disposal of Foreign Gifts and Decorations

Subchapter C—Real Property

102-71 General

102-72 Delegation of Authority

102-73 Real Estate Acquisition

102-74 Facility Management

102-75 Real Property Disposal

102-76 Design and Construction

102-77 Art-in-Architecture

102-78 Historic Preservation

102-79 Assignment and Utilization of Space

102-80 Safety and Environmental Management

102-81 Security

102-82 Utility Services

102-83 Location of Space

102-84 Annual Real Property Inventories

Subchapter D—Transportation

102-116 General [Reserved]

102-117 Transportation Management

102-118 Transportation Payment and Audit

Subchapter E—Travel Management

102-141 General [Reserved]

Subchapter F—Telecommunications

102-171 General [Reserved]

102-172 Telecommunications Management Policy [Reserved]

102-173 Internet GOV Domain

Subchapter G—Administrative programs

102-191 General [Reserved]

102-192 Mail Management

102-193 Creation, Maintenance, and Use of Records

102-194 Standard and Optional Forms Management Program

102-195 [Reserved] [Reserved]

102-196 Federal Facility Ridesharing [Reserved]

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