Improving Regulations: Background and Reports

As called for by Executive Order 13563, "to facilitate the periodic review of existing significant regulations," GSA created a plan to perform a retrospective review of existing significant regulations.

GSA focused on the following regulations:

GSA’s plan identifies regulations that should be amended, revised, streamlined, or removed to make the agency's regulatory program more effective or less burdensome in achieving the regulatory objectives.

The January 2012 updated plan reflects the latest activities concerning the regulatory analysis. The highlighted activities in the plans address progress and accomplishments as well as a targeted or completion date for each rule and information collection.

History and Public Comment

Comments were received through June 30, 2011 on developing a plan and process to complete a thorough analysis of rules that may be outdated, ineffective, inadequate, or excessively burdensome; and to modify, streamline, expand or remove those regulations.

GSA’s Retrospective Analysis of Existing Rules plan was approved on August 18, 2011. Our plan has been updated as of January 9, 2012.

While our aim is to define a method and schedule for periodically identifying certain significant rules that warrant revision or removal because they are no longer justified or necessary, our review also may reveal that an existing rule is needed, or that has not operated as well as expected, and that a stronger, expanded, or somewhat different approach is justified.

Expanding the Effort

In May 2012, Executive Order 13610, which requires federal agencies to continually scrutinize rules and requirements on the books to make sure they are still necessary, streamlined and up-to-date.

Paperwork Reduction

The Executive Order emphasizes that agencies should give special consideration to reducing burdens on small businesses and should prioritize “initiatives that will produce significant quantifiable monetary savings or significant quantifiable reductions in paperwork burdens. GSA's Paperwork Reduction Plan is included in the Retrospective Analysis (November 2012).

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