Managing the Federal Rulemaking Process

Beginning May 21, 2020, the eRulemaking program initiated timed redirects from to to conduct testing on the new site. The redirect effort allowed the eRulemaking program to collect valuable information in order to improve site performance. Effective June 11, 2020, the redirect effort has been paused, but the site is still active and available for comment submission. GSA encourages the public to continue to use the site and offer us your feedback through the "Feedback" button.

GSA is exploring Public and Federal agency involvement in the Rulemaking Process to better understand:

The Mission of the Office Regulation Management is to:
  • Enable the public to provide comments on pending regulations
  • Support Federal agencies as they develop regulations, including management of agencies’ recordkeeping systems, known as dockets, as well as review of public comments
  • Support the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs at the Office of Management and Budget in its review of significant regulations and information collections
The Vision of the Office of Regulation Management is to improve public policy outcomes by streamlining the rulemaking process while strengthening the integrity and security of regulatory information through technology modernization and data analysis strategies. Specifically:
  • Improve agencies’ ability to review and process massive volumes of public comments
  • Improve agencies’ ability to manage “fake comments,” or comments that have been submitted under false identities
  • Share regulatory data across systems to enable both policy makers and members of the public to have a clearer picture of the impacts and relationships across rulemakings
  • Improve both agency and public useability and access to regulatory information through improved user interfaces, workflows, reporting tools, and more.

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Last Reviewed: 2020-06-11