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Visit GSA on Facebook: GSA provides innovative solutions for federal agencies that include products, services, workspace, and expertise to build a better government for the American public.


Other GSA Facebook pages and links: This is the official portal to all official government information and services on the Internet. The site offers those who speak Spanish easy access to government services, programs and information to help newcomers and well established residents alike.
GSA Schedules: Info for those who have contracts and those who are looking to sell to the federal government.
GSA SmartPay: News and info for participants in the GSA SmartPay program. Using prizes and challenges to promote innovation across the United States.
DigitalGov: Blog posts, training and more -- plus you can share, engage and ask questions.
GSA Auctions: Cars, trucks, boats, planes, office equipment and more.
GSA Fleet Vehicle Sales
GSA Office of Small Business Utilization: Cars, trucks, boats, planes, office equipment and more.
GSA's Office of Real Property Utilization and Disposal: Helpful if you're looking to purchase federal real estate.
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GSA Northeast and Caribbean Region (R2)
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