Recovery & Reinvestment in the Region

The Southeast Sunbelt Region has implemented a robust portion of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) effort.  Region 4 has obligated over $260 million in construction-related work and has paid out over $250 million (as of August 2013). Using ARRA funds in our region, we have impacted 67 of our 140 owned assets touching all eight states within our region.  With many of our projects complete or nearing completion, a summary of our efforts include the following:

  •  4 major modernization efforts in Birmingham, AL; Jackson, MS; Orlando, FL; and Tampa, FL, which include roof replacements
  •  21 additional roofing projects including vegetative and highly-reflective varieties
  •  23 re-commissioning projects improving mechanical systems and controls
  •  11 lighting projects including lighting replacements and controls upgrades
  •  1 photovoltaic (PV) project
  •  3 targeted chiller replacement projects
  •  2 targeted boiler replacement projects
  •  A wide-ranging advanced metering program impacting 71 buildings


Last Reviewed 2016-07-15