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Today over 2,500 have received some sort of professional designation in a broad range of mail and printing related positions. The associations listed under the non government links on the bottom right of this page were recommended by Federal Agency Mail Managers. 

Training Programs

GSA Transportation Officer Training Portal

Federal Mail Basic Course Syllabus

Federal Mail Intermediate Course Syllabus

2016 Federal Mail Education Forum

Digital Mail [PDF - 1.47 MB]

COR Roles and Responsibilities [PDF - 152.29 KB]

Mail Safety and Security [PDF - 1.63 MB]

FedEx Government Services Presentation [PDF - 1.69 MB]

Revenue and Field Accounting [PDF - 401.61 KB]

Postal Regulatory Commissioner, Mark Acton [PDF - 765.92 KB]

Offsite Mail Center Operations [PDF - 193.03 KB]

Mailing Industry Certifications [PDF - 799.88 KB]

UPS Government Services [PDF - 1.24 MB]

Update Mail Data [PDF - 1.85 MB]

UAA Mail Process Flow-Secure Destruction [PDF - 1.82 MB]

Strategic Account Managers [PDF - 1.58 MB]

2015 Federal Mail Education Forum

Accounting (Payment and Technologies)

Address Verification 2015

Best practices in Federal Mail Presentation

Data to Decisions

DoD Distribution and Delivery Mailing

Federal Mail Education IMpb Visibility Hess

OSHA - Mail Center Ergonomics

Outsourcing in the Mail Center

Telework - June 3, 2015

USPS Strategic Account Management

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