Realty Specialist Tools

U.S. Courthouse, Providence, Rhode Island

Building Economics: The Economics of Preserving Historic Federal Buildings

Locating Federal Facilities on Historic Properties in Central Cities: Includes the Executive Order 13006 Real Estate Compliance Checklist, a tool for realty specialists and contracting officers to help comply with specific laws, executive orders, regulations and policies.

Lease Solicitation Clauses: Required for compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), Archeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA) and Executive Order 13006 Locating Federal Facilities on Historic Properties in Our Nation’s Central Cities.

Growth, Efficiency & Modernism: GSA Buildings of the 50s, 60s and 1970s: Published in the fall of 2003 and updated in 2005. Available online as a downloadable PDF.  The book can be obtained by contacting the Center for Historic Buildings.

Last Reviewed 2015-11-30