Technology e-Tools

E-Tools for Purchasing Officers

  • 8(a) STARS II Pricing Tool - allows users to view fully burdened labor hour ceiling rates for 8(a) STARS II industry partners.
  • AAS Business Systems Portal - develop purchase and delivery orders and report and review sales.
  • Acquisition Gateway (AG) - Acquisition Gateway puts all acquisition categories in one common place to help buyers navigate the process and the universe of purchasing options, helping them to drive down prices, reduce price variability, and make smarter purchases.
  • Alliant and Alliant Small Business Prices Paid Tool - buy smarter and get a real-time data snapshot of prices paid.
  • Carbon Footprint (CFT) - to enable federal agencies to inventory and report their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Connections II Dashboard - allows Connections II stakeholders to view and segment Connections II information to make better business decisions.
  • eBuy - submit RFPs and RFQs.
  • eLibrary - this application solicits bids for various acquisition services contracts, and provides a forum for multiple sellers trying to underbid competitors to meet a specific buyer's need.
  • E-MORRIS - allows federal agencies on Networx to view their inventory, billing, and other reports online.
  • eOffer/eMod - submit contract offers and modification requests.
  • Green Procurement Compilation - is a comprehensive green purchasing resource designed for federal contracting personnel and program managers.
  • GSAdvantage - browse and buy GSA products and services.
  • GWAC Contract Dashboard - an interactive tool that allows GWAC stakeholders to view and segment GWAC information to make better business decisions.
  • IT Solutions Navigator - find the best IT vehicle to meet your requirements.
  • Networx Unit Pricer - allows users to view and compare prices across Networx vendors as well as some basic prices from FTS2001 vendors.
  • Reverse Auctions - get real-time pricing.
  • ITEX - Information Technology Exchange Forum - An online community discussion forum for information technologists to share the challenges they encounter during installation and continuing operations of USAccess systems (Light Activation and Light Credentialing Solution).
  • TOPS - TOPS automates local telecommunication service business processes, including orders, billing and reconciliation of local telecommunications services.
  • TOPS eBill - get local telecom service billing reports.
  • USAccess - provides civilian agencies with badging solutions.

E-Tools for Vendors

  • AAS Business Systems Portal - develop purchase and delivery orders and report and review sales.
  • SIP - Schedule Input Program Tool - this program is used by vendors to input and submit vendor, contract, item, price, and order data for Multiple Award Schedules into the GSA Advantage! system.
  • Vendor Support Center - the site posts pertinent and useful information regarding GSA Advantage, reporting quarterly sales, contract administration, and various business opportunities.

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Last Reviewed 2017-07-17