Office Workplace Management

About Office Workplace Management

Office Workplace Management features information about:   

  • Cost Per Person Model 2.0 (CPPM)
  • Workspace Utilization and Allocation
  • Warehouse Asset Management Best Practices  

Cost Per Person Model 2.0

The Cost Per Person Model is an outcome of Real Property Performance Results publication, unveiled in 1999. The Cost Per Person Model helps federal agency customers estimate their total costs per person, including administrative costs and real estate.

Workspace Utilization & Allocation

The Workspace Utilization and Allocation study will review office workspace guidelines in both the Federal government and private sector.

Warehouse Asset Management Best Practices

The case studies and best practices outlined on this site illustrate cost-effective ways to acquire, manage and dispose of federal warehouse asset. These case studies serves to provide best practices that have been shown to be effective solutions for the efficient use, reduction and management of warehouse asset.

Last Reviewed 2016-09-14