ICAP Officers and Subcommittee Chairs

GSA sponsors and chairs the Interagency Committee for Aviation Policy (ICAP). Representatives from federal government agencies serve as chairs of the ICAP's subcommittees.  GSA personnel facilitate the subcommittees.


Bob Galloway, Director
Aviation Policy Division
Acting ICAP Chair
Office of Travel, Transportation and Asset Management

ICAP Subcommittees

Acquisition, Use, and Disposal Subcommittee

Chair: Pat Hagerty, US Department of Energy (DOE)
(202) 586-5489
Email: patricia.hagerty@hq.doe.gov

Facilitator: Bob Galloway
(202) 505-3204
E-mail: robert.galloway@gsa.gov


Communications Subcommittee

Chair: Jamal Abbed, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
(202) 358-2219
Email:  jabbed@hq.nasa.gov

Facilitator: Jay Spurr
(202) 208-0519
E-mail: joseph.spurr@gsa.gov


Management Data and Systems Subcommittee

Chair: Shen Yen (NASA)
(202) 358-4721
Email: tzu-hsien.yen-1@nasa.gov

Jay Spurr (GSA), Facilitator
(202) 208-0519
Email: joseph.spurr@gsa.gov


Safety Standards and Training Subcommittee

Pete Gretsch, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
(405) 406-2465
Email: peter.w.gretsch@faa.gov

Mike Miles, GSA Facilitator
(202) 219-1356
Email: michael.miles@gsa.gov


Unmanned Aerial Systems Subcommittee

Chair: Captain Philip Hall, NOAA, Patrick AFB, FL
(301) 713-7611
E-mail: philip.g.hall@noaa.gov

Facilitator: Mike Miles, GSA 
(202) 219-1356
Email: michael.miles@gsa.gov


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