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GSA Releases Updated Databases on CD-ROM

GSA # 9340

August 2, 1996
Contact: Bill Bearden
(202) 501-1231

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has released Governmentwide procurement data for Fiscal Year 1995, as well as an updated and upgraded 1996 Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, on a single CD-ROM. Both databases are searchable by a powerful, self-contained search engine. GSA has revised the software to allow for access by multiple users on a local area network.

The Federal Procurement Data System is the central repository for procurement information on all contracts valued at more than $25,000 awarded by executive departments and agencies--a total of more than 400,000 purchases with a value of over $180 billion. Searchable fields include product or service name and code, buying office, name of vendor, every word/number in the database, and much more. The database now contains complete addresses of Federal contracting officers for the first time.

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is the Federal Government's official guide to Federal assistance programs. It contains detailed information on more than 1,300 programs administered by 53 agencies. Programs include grants, loans, loan guarantees, direct payments, and insurance. They cover everything from AIDS research to community development, flood control, job training, clean water programs, small business development, and student support services.

A new feature of the 1996 Catalog is a "historical crosswalk" for tracing the history of a program. A program can be traced from its present form to its origin, or vice-versa.

Although both databases are on the same CD-ROM, they are sold separately. Access to the Federal Procurement Data System , which is updated yearly, costs $100.00. The cost for the Catalog, which is issued in June and updated in December, is $60.00 for a single issue and $100.00 for an annual subscription.

The CD-ROM requires an IBM-compatible computer, 386 or better with at least 8 megabytes of RAM and a Windows environment. For information, or to place an order, please call GSA's Gvernmentwide Information Systems Division at (202) 708-5126.

Both databases are also available in other formats. The printed Federal Procurement Report, containing summary information only, is available free of charge from GSA's Federal Procurement Data Center at (202) 401-1529. Customized searches, extracts, and magnetic tapes are available on a reimbursable basis from the Center.

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is available in printed form from the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954, on an annual subscription basis. Phone orders may be directed to (202) 512-1800. The current price is $60. The Catalog is also available on diskettes and 9-track magnetic tape from the Governmentwide Information Systems Division at (202) 708-5126.

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