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Hammer Award to GSA for FTS2001 Electronic Bid Process

GSA # 9564

March 5, 1999
Contact: Eleni Martin (202) 501-1231

WASHINGTON, DC -- The U.S. General Services Administration's FTS2001 team, the Federal Security Infrastructure (FSI) team, and industry partners were recognized with the Vice President's Hammer Award for the FTS2001 electronic bid process.

Using digital signature capability, the team successfully implemented a paperless solution for vendors to submit complex proposals electronically. "Through your partnerships, your have helped prepare us for paperless transactions and electronic bidding," said GSA Administrator David J. Barram. "It was a small step for technology, but a really big step for procurement. You have helped pave the way for our future." Individual awardees were:

GSA's FTS2001 Team -- Bruce Barrow, Bruce Brignull, Harold Green, Colette McKenna, Barbara Norsworthy, Sybille L. Seltmann, and Michael Toomey;
FSI Team -- John Purcell, Treasury; James Degenford, NSA; and Stanley Choffrey, Angela Chambers, Trudy Hawkins, Terry Hobson, Phillip Mellinger, and Joseph Sharkey, GSA.
Mitretek Systems -- James L. Fisher, Stephen P. Frost, Hsiaosu Hsiung, Monette R. Respress, and Kenneth D. Stillson;
Cygnacom Solutions -- Chad Anderson, Santosh Chokhani, Matthew Cooper, and Isadore Schoen;
Information Security Corporation -- Dr. Michael J. Markowitz and Thomas J. Venn;
Atalla -- Ching Chen, John Gregory, Larry Hines, and Bill Revels;
Fischer International -- Mike Battaglia, Lee Drennan, Addison Fischer, and Jon Kaplan.

Estimates show that the savings to the government, for processing the proposals, were approximately $1.5 million and 52,000 staff hours. This project is the first to show a secure Federal transaction using new-age approaches while adhering to Federal guidelines for identification and registration.

Using the Federal Paperless Transactions for the Public pilot project, FTS digitally signed the FTS2001 request for proposals and posted it on their website along with a dowloadable application to check signature validity and document integrity. Subsequently, the same project provided a means for vendors to propose electronically on the FTS2001 contract by signing the proposal using digitabl signature. The contract award was also conducted in a paperless environment using the same digital signature capability.

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